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FDA approval brings remote programming for Abbott’s deep brain stimulation device

The digitization of implanted devices continues apace. On Monday, Abbott announced the launch of its FDA-approved NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic by which patients implanted with the company’s deep brain stimulation devices for Parkinson’s Disease, essential tremor and chronic pain can have their devices programmed remotely without having to travel to a specialist. Hailing this virtual capability, […]


Baby Poop & Brain Growth

When you think about baby brain development, you probably picture things like brain-boosting toys or gadgets designed to stimulate babies’ cognitive development. What you probably don’t think about is something that every baby does every day, and something that parents become very intimately familiar with (but probably never really gave much thought to before they […]


This Is Your Body And Brain On Coronavirus Quarantine

Now that it’s day who-even-knows-anymore in the coronavirus pandemic, and the initial shock of it all is starting to wear off, you might find yourself distracted by a barrage of mental and physical symptoms that weren’t as prominent back when panic-induced toilet-paper hoarding was hogging your attention. This is because the prolonged levels of anxiety […]


New study further supports the link between exercise and brain health

New evidence published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases suggests a positive association between exercise and gray matter volume in regions of the brain already linked to cognitive decline and aging. Fifty million people are affected by dementia worldwide.  Consequently, there is a significant amount of research focused on dementia […]

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Languages affected differently by brain disease

There are differences in the way English and Italian speakers are affected by dementia-related language problems, a small study suggests. While English speakers had trouble pronouncing words, Italian speakers came out with shorter, simpler sentences. The findings could help ensure accurate diagnoses for people from different cultures, the researchers said. Diagnostic criteria are often based […]