Infertility and health with Elizabeth King

Infertility and health, including sperm health. It’s no longer just about female health and egg health but if we aren’t addressing the mans health then that could be a big missing health piece for improving fertility. The good news it that men can pretty quickly improve the health of their sperm. Take a listen to my conversation about improving fertility…

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What Is King Cake? History and Meaning of the Mardi Gras Tradition

Mardi Gras isn’t subtle, and neither is this sugary, rainbow-colored confection. Find out what king cake is all about—and what’s up with the baby hidden inside. Mardi Gras is arguably the biggest, flashiest party in the country. With its grand parades, colorful beads, elaborate masks, and booze-filled revelry, you probably think you have a pretty […]

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This Recipe for Disney’s Carrot Cake Sandwich Is Everything We Need Right Now

Is there anything better than a slice of moist, spongy carrot cake? Hmm. How about a moist, spongy carrot cake sandwich at Disney’s Trolley Car Cafe? It’s one thing that makes Disney vacations even more magical. See how many millions Disney is losing due to park closures. Apparently plenty of people share our view, because […]

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How to Make Carrot Cake as Good as Grandma’s

Taste of Home There’s something about carrot cake that is simply irresistible. With its mellow carrot sweetness, cinnamon spice, and tangy cream cheese frosting, you can’t help but cut yourself a slice. This is especially true for Taste of Home contributor Kim Orr of West Grove, Pennsylvania. Growing up, Kim would beg her mother to this old-fashioned […]