Celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay reveals the fitness lockdown goals we should be aiming for – ps: they aren’t what you think

With lockdown 3.0 pressuring people to do something epic with their time, celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay shares her advice on realistic lockdown goal setting Learn a new language, lose the lockdown belly, start a business are just some of the ‘goals’ I have seen floating around at the moment encouraging people to make the most […]


A Full-Body HIIT Workout You Can Do in Under 15 Minutes From Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

For celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, fitness can double as family bonding. On Tuesday, the Los Angeles–based creator of the Hollywood Trainer posted an Instagram video of her and her 14-year-old niece, Lexi Jenkins, smiling as they moved through a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout together. “[Lexi] is an incredible athlete so this was an opportunity […]


Work Your Abs With This Stability Ball Exercise From Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino

Celebrity trainer Don Saladino doesn’t like crunches. Instead, he prefers to “stir the pot," which refers to a total-body plank variation that is much tougher than its cooking-inspired name might suggest. Last Thursday, the owner of NYC-based Drive495 gym, whose clients have included Blake Lively, Emily Blunt, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Sebastian Stan, among […]


Build a Budget-Friendly At-Home Gym With These Tips From Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea

The perks of an at-home fitness center are plenty: time saved on commuting, money saved on memberships, distractions from other gymgoers eliminated, and excuses for not working out reduced. For some, these pluses are major enough to forgo a public gym entirely. “I do all in-home training,” celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, whose famous clients include […]