Most Common Fitness Mistakes

Are you doing your best in the gym and with healthy eating, but aren’t seeing any improvements in your physique? Here are 10 common fitness mistakes that could prevent you from reaching your goals. 1. Skipping meals. This will slow your metabolism and result in fat gain. Eat your protein, fat and carb requirement in your diet—don’t try to eat less. It is necessary to […]


Common Skin Problems

Your skin is one of the most important organs in the body because it acts as a barrier against germs and bacteria. Healthy skin is linked to better health because it’ll be tough for germs and bacteria to enter your body and cause illnesses. Having poor skin health, on the other hand, will cause cracks […]

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Coronavirus: Delirium ‘may be common’ in Covid seriously ill

Delirium and confusion may be common among some seriously-ill hospital patients with Covid-19, a study in The Lancet suggests. Long stays in intensive care and being ventilated are thought to increase the risk, the researchers say. Doctors should look out for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after recovery. Most patients, particularly those with […]

Food & Nutrition

Creatine Supplements 101: Benefits, Side Effects And More Common Questions Answered

Creatine closely follows whey protein in the list of most popular sports nutrition products. It’s convenient, it’s backed up by thorough research and it’s a valuable part of nutrition for plenty of athletes – but it also commonly features in health scare stories. It’s been blamed for everything from shortening your temper and bloating your […]


How Does the Abortion Pill Work & 10 Other Common Questions Answered

The abortion pill is one of those things that’s often misunderstood, even though it’s used more frequently than you probably think. “The number of [people] taking the abortion pill versus opting for surgical abortion has definitely increased over the years because of better availability and proven safety,” Alyssa Dweck, M.D., a gynecologist in Westchester, New […]