Recovery Postpartum, Don’t Wait Until Your Done Having Babies

Recovery postpartum, don’t wait until your done having babies to heal your body postpartum. Enjoy this conversation with my Knocked-Up Fitness® client, Allie, mom of three. She’s an avid runner but started experiencing incontinence postpartum after her first pregnancy. She also started dealing with hip and back pain and found amazing relief when learning how to effectively strengthen her deep core and pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. 

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What Peeing Your Pants Is Telling Your Body

Wanna know why peeing your pants should not be considered normal?  *Silly question, I get it.* The answer? There is something you can do to heal it. It’s really common for women to experience incontinence (peeing your pants) after they’ve had a baby, YEARS after they’ve had a baby, or even if they’ve NEVER had a baby. So, let’s talk about…

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