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Getting COVID-19 Is Putting Americans On The Brink Of Economic Crisis

Contracting COVID-19 is putting already financially stressed Americans on the brink of economic disaster. And the rest of the country isn’t that far behind. Of the Americans who’ve contracted COVID-19, 63% are facing serious financial problems, according to a survey released Wednesday morning from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard University’s T.H. Chan […]

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Maintaining morale in crisis: 4 lessons from leading through Covid-19

Healthcare organizations face a myriad of challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps across the United States. While all businesses face marked uncertainty and a risk of infection within their workforce, the direct delivery of care to Covid-19 patients introduces an additional and novel level of leadership complexity for the healthcare industry. Healthcare workers—doctors, nurses, medical […]


Pregnancy During the Coronavirus Crisis: How Years of Infertility Prepared Me

Apparently, our five years spent simply “trying” were not enough. Nor was the rotating door of supposed home remedies, acclaimed internet cure-alls, stints of experimental sobriety, and the spreadsheets spent tracking every fluctuating bodily function under the moon. The so-called “healing” power of crystals was a wash, as were the different diets I tried. Everything […]

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Trevor Noah Offers Cheeky Solution For Food Supply Woes Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Trevor Noah offered a tongue-in-cheek solution to the food industry’s recent woes this week, suggesting that Americans take a super-sized approach to meal consumption during the coronavirus crisis.  On Wednesday’s installment of “The Daily Show,” Noah pointed to recent reports that found a spike in food waste across the U.S. With school cafeterias,  restaurants and hotels […]