Alzheimer's: Drugs Help Manage Symptoms

Learning you have Alzheimer's disease can be devastating. Working with your health care team can help you find the best strategies to manage your symptoms and prolong your independence. Alzheimer's drugs might be one strategy to help you temporarily manage memory loss, thinking and reasoning problems, and day-to-day function. Unfortunately, Alzheimer's drugs don't work for […]

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Safety concerns over websites selling prescription drugs

Media playback is unsupported on your device England’s healthcare regulator is calling for a change in the law to protect patients using online doctor sites selling prescription-only drugs. It comes after a BBC Panorama investigation exposed safety concerns relating to websites using doctors from companies based outside England. The Care Quality Commission said these websites […]

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Cheaper NHS drugs 'as safe and effective'

NHS patients switched to cheaper medicines are being told the cost-saving exercise is not compromising care. The “better value” treatments, for conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and some cancers, are just as safe and effective, NHS Improvement says. 1 Hospitals that changed their prescribing saved the health service £324m last financial year. More swaps and savings […]