The Best Trail Running Shoes For Women In 2020, According To Athletes And Experts

Same ol’ concrete running route feeling a little, well, old? Good news: Trail running is having a much-deserved (and much-needed) moment — and we’re oh-so-here for it. Those smart folks are onto something: Exercising in nature actually quiets the part of the brain associated with overthinking, says research published by PNAS. (Can we say “yes, please”?!) […]

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Experts cautiously optimistic on Moderna’s early Covid-19 vaccine data as market exuberance fades

Earlier this week, shares of Moderna skyrocketed following the company’s announcement of early data from the Phase I clinical trial the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is conducting of mRNA-1273, its vaccine against the virus that causes Covid-19. But despite investors’ initial enthusiasm, physicians were cautiously optimistic, highlighting important caveats in the data. […]