Safe Exercises in Your First 6 Weeks Postpartum

We hear this in our DMs all the time: “Don’t I have to wait 6 weeks after having a baby to exercise?” Our response is always the same: “There is SO MUCH you can do until then.” Before you even get back into your normal exercise routine, you must restimulate your pelvic floor. Mama, this is done by focusing on…

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Facebook Says Post Proposing COVID-19 Infection Parties Doesn’t Violate Its Policies

A right-wing magazine’s Facebook post suggesting people infect themselves with coronavirus en masse does not violate the platform’s rules, a spokesperson told HuffPost. The Federalist, a fervently pro-Trump outlet, shared the still-active post to its 100,000-follower Facebook page on Wednesday morning. It links to a Federalist article written by an unlicensed dermatologist, who argues that […]