11 no-nonsense fitness facts PT James Smith wants you to know

Separating fact from fad – Healthista editor Olivia Hartland-Robbins asks social media sensation James Smith for his no-nonsense fitness facts James Smith. Does he even need an introduction? He’s one of the biggest names in the fitness industry, with an Instagram following that’s growing faster than you can say ‘calorie deficit’. If you’re one of […]


Fitness Facts and Falsehoods

Are you a Fitness Phenom or a Fledgling Fitness Fanatic? Take the test and see! Following is a list of fitness facts and falsehoods. Can you tell which statements are true and which ones are false? See below for answers. In addition to building strong bones, calcium also helps burn fat. Intense exercise increases the […]

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25 Surprising Grilling Facts You Haven’t Heard 10 Times Before

Choose your cut wisely “For grilling choose cuts that don’t require long cook times to be tender,” Swift advises. Depending on your budget, he recommends filet mignon, New York strip steak, rib eye, skirt steak, flank steak (slice it thin), beef top round (slice it thin), pork rib, pork loin chops, pork tenderloin, leg of […]


14 Amazing Facts About the Woman’s Body

Vagina acid is about the same acidity as tomatoes.  In scientific terms, that’s about 4.5 on the pH scale, compared to the neutral number, 7. Did you know that your vagina has a self-regulating microbiome? That’s why doctors don’t recommend douching or other attempts at trying to alter your vaginal pH. The clitoris has double […]

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21 Important Facts About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

“Because the body can store B12 for three to five years, early symptoms of a deficiency usually appear gradually, so you’re unlikely to notice them,” says Middleberg. After initial clues like fatigue, weakness, and brain fog set in, says Middleberg, more advanced tip-offs show up, such as numbness and tingling of the limbs, depression, and […]


7 Bulimia Facts I Really Wish More People Understood

In my late 20s, I started recovering from bulimia. Having surreptitiously battled the eating disorder for more than a decade, stepping out of secrecy was an important milestone in my life. In the six years since then, I’ve spoken candidly about my experience of food-related mental illness to shine a light on the harsh complexity […]

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13 Facts You Never Knew About Apples

Store them in the fridge DominikaBG/shutterstock Displaying your apples in a bowl on a table might look as pretty as a painting, but if you want them to last, store them in the fridge, as lower temperatures slow the ripening process. Farmers can keep their fruit in plain old cold storage for a month or […]


Frostnip: 5 Signs of Frostnip to Know, and Other Frostnip Facts

You might have experienced signs of frostnip without even knowing that this phenomenon existed. Frostnip happens when the top layer of your skin becomes slightly injured due to ridiculously cold weather. Luckily, it’s not a serious condition. Here’s what you need to know, including signs of frostnip and what to do if you think you […]

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10 “Facts” About Eggs That Just Aren’t True

Healthy Eating Hint: You’ll want to stop ordering them off most “light breakfast” menus. People with high cholesterol shouldn’t eat eggs Jaral Lertjamekorn/Shutterstock For years, doctors told patients at risk for heart disease that they should avoid high-cholesterol foods—and with 211 milligrams of cholesterol (70 percent of your daily recommendation), eggs were kept on the […]