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The Withings ScanWatch Hybrid Fitness Tracker Can Track Your Vital Signs

Withings devices have always stood out for the amount of fitness-tracking technology packed into svelte, stylish devices that look like regular analogue watches. That’s more true than ever with the latest device from the company, the ScanWatch, which monitors more health stats than any previous Withings watch. We’re way beyond steps and calories burned here […]


Most Common Fitness Mistakes

Are you doing your best in the gym and with healthy eating, but aren’t seeing any improvements in your physique? Here are 10 common fitness mistakes that could prevent you from reaching your goals. 1. Skipping meals. This will slow your metabolism and result in fat gain. Eat your protein, fat and carb requirement in your diet—don’t try to eat less. It is necessary to […]


How Good Is Your Sexual Fitness?

 Sex and fitness go together like, well, sex and fitness! Test your sexual know-how with 10 true-or-false questions taken from our past online articles. True or False: An unlikely team of scientists and porn actresses banded together with a variety of vibrators to find the exact location of the fabled G-spot. After months of tedious […]


Fitness Facts and Falsehoods

Are you a Fitness Phenom or a Fledgling Fitness Fanatic? Take the test and see! Following is a list of fitness facts and falsehoods. Can you tell which statements are true and which ones are false? See below for answers. In addition to building strong bones, calcium also helps burn fat. Intense exercise increases the […]