100 Point Strategy To Halt Weight Gain

Weight loss doesn’t depend on whether calories come from carbohydrates, protein or fat. To lose a pound, you must create a 3,500-calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories, burning more calories through physical activity, or a combination of both. The upward trend in the number of overweight women is caused, on average, by an imbalance of only 100 extra calories […]


Stop Obsessing Over Quarantine Weight Gain And Cut Yourself Some Slack

The “COVID-19 pounds of weight gain” memes popped up pretty much the second we started social distancing and staying home. And while it’s always infuriating when people make jokes about weight gain, the “Quarantine 15” posts and advice articles are especially gross. There’s already enough stress right now: Unemployment is skyrocketing, hospitals are on overflow […]

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How to Gain Weight: 13 Foods to Help You Add Pounds if You’re Underweight

Healthy Eating Lindsay TigarNov 07 If you’re underweight—or are dropping pounds for no clear reason—your first stop should be a doctor’s office. If you get the green light to eat more, here’s what nutritionists recommend for gaining weight. Potatoes Tony Baggett/Shutterstock Considering how many diet plans forbid potatoes in any form, it probably comes as […]