How Good Is Your Sexual Fitness?

 Sex and fitness go together like, well, sex and fitness! Test your sexual know-how with 10 true-or-false questions taken from our past online articles. True or False: An unlikely team of scientists and porn actresses banded together with a variety of vibrators to find the exact location of the fabled G-spot. After months of tedious […]


‘Breakthrough’ coronavirus treatment dexamethasone is a ‘good first step,’ lead researcher says

The new potential coronavirus treatment dexamethasone is a “good first step” to finding a cocktail of drugs that can effectively treat Covid-19, Oxford University professor Martin Landray, who co-led the study that found the drug to improve survival among patients, told CNBC on Tuesday. Landray and his team earlier Tuesday published the results of a study, which […]

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Yes, early data for Gilead’s Covid-19 drug look good, but don’t pop the champagne yet

Data from Gilead Sciences’ two Phase III trials of the investigational Covid-19 drug remdesivir are anticipated to come out this month or next. Some early results have already trickled into the public domain, providing snapshots that, while limited, have nevertheless sent the company’s shares soaring. But medical experts and other observers have urged caution. On […]