Infertility and health with Elizabeth King

Infertility and health, including sperm health. It’s no longer just about female health and egg health but if we aren’t addressing the mans health then that could be a big missing health piece for improving fertility. The good news it that men can pretty quickly improve the health of their sperm. Take a listen to my conversation about improving fertility…

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Recovery Postpartum, Don’t Wait Until Your Done Having Babies

Recovery postpartum, don’t wait until your done having babies to heal your body postpartum. Enjoy this conversation with my Knocked-Up Fitness® client, Allie, mom of three. She’s an avid runner but started experiencing incontinence postpartum after her first pregnancy. She also started dealing with hip and back pain and found amazing relief when learning how to effectively strengthen her deep core and pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. 

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Administration Officials Fail To Answer For Trump Lie About Google Coronavirus Site

Multiple Trump administration officials failed to answer questions Sunday about when Americans can expect a website President Donald Trump touted last week to assist with the identification of coronavirus symptoms and locations of testing centers in the United States.  During a Friday press conference, Trump said Google was developing a website to help users check […]


Mike Pence Scrambles After Google Contradicts Trump On Coronavirus Website

Vice President Mike Pence promised Saturday “specific” clarifying information after a Google statement flatly contradicted President Donald Trump’s earlier tout that the tech giant would “quickly” have a national website up to help the public with coronavirus screening. “We’re working 24/7 on this,” Pence told reporters at a White House news conference. “We’re going to […]

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'I'm Afraid To Google My Own Name': What It's Really Like To Be Body-Positive On Instagram

The internet can play wildly contradictory roles in the body-positive movement. On one hand, social media has allowed demand for inclusivity to spread quickly and broadly ― increasingly, the people in media and on runways more closely reflect what consumers and audiences actually look like. It has never been easier to find and follow people […]