What Is a Stretch Studio? Here’s What You Need to Know About This Growing Fitness Trend

Amid cycling clubs, HIIT studios, and rowing gyms, a gentler form of group fitness is emerging: the stretch studio. ClassPass identified recovery classes as the fastest-growing trend in 2017, reporting a 16 percent increase in clients booking meditation, restorative, and recovery classes. And from nationwide franchise Stretch Lab to Chicago’s StretchChi and NYC’s Stretch Relief […]

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Microdosing LSD Is A Growing Silicon Valley Trend. But Does It Actually Work?

A powerful distortion and alteration of perception, mood and cognitive function: The effects of taking larger amounts of psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms are fairly well documented and understood. But when it comes to the growing trend of microdosing or taking very small quantities of these drugs on a regular basis, the science is hazy. […]