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The Heartwarming Reason Why We Put Oranges in Christmas Stockings

This age-old tradition has a few surprising origins. Whether it’s hanging the stockings or baking gingerbread cookies, all of our favorite Christmas traditions have a fascinating history. But no matter where or how you celebrate the holiday season, you might honor a rather unusual custom: finding oranges in your stocking on Christmas morning. No, […]


Heartwarming Stories of Teachers Who Changed Their Students’ Lives

Relationships Good educators share knowledge. 
Great ones make an impression that stays in their students’ hearts forever. The Surprise Thank-You By Karin Brulliard From The Washington Post Courtesy Tamora Pierce (inset left), Courtesy Karin Brulliard (inset right)Now a successful author, Tamora Pierce (left) called her seventh-grade teacher Mary Jacobson “the first adult I’d known who […]


This Heartwarming Twitter Story Shows The Power Of Representation In Media

A heartwarming viral Twitter thread involving a tender moment between children at a swimming pool and a Muppet with autism is being hailed for showing why media representation, specifically for children, is so powerful. “Don’t tell me representation doesn’t matter,” wrote Twitter user @shiphitsthefan, who goes by Ship and uses the pronouns they/them. Ship shared the […]