Getting Tested for MTHFR Gene Variants Is All the Rage—But Here’s Why I Don’t Suggest It

Depression. Autism. Breast cancer. Alcoholism. Type 1 diabetes. Heart disease. What do these supposedly have in common? Many alternative health websites like to talk about a supposed link between these conditions and a gene called MTHFR—but there's no indisputable evidence that the link really exists. If you’re unfamiliar with the MTHFR gene, it stands for […]


What Is a Stretch Studio? Here’s What You Need to Know About This Growing Fitness Trend

Amid cycling clubs, HIIT studios, and rowing gyms, a gentler form of group fitness is emerging: the stretch studio. ClassPass identified recovery classes as the fastest-growing trend in 2017, reporting a 16 percent increase in clients booking meditation, restorative, and recovery classes. And from nationwide franchise Stretch Lab to Chicago’s StretchChi and NYC’s Stretch Relief […]