WHO says ‘delayed epidemic’ takes hold in Eastern Europe as coronavirus cases in Russia rise

A delayed coronavirus epidemic has taken hold in Eastern Europe as cases and deaths rise in Russia while outbreaks in Western Europe begin to subside, World Health Officials said Friday.  “There are differences right now between Western Europe, which has been through that first big wave, and Eastern Europe, particularly Russian Federation, that is now […]


How To Do The Hollow Body Hold

When choosing core-strengthening exercises, too many of us opt for surprisingly ineffective moves like sit-ups and crunches. If you really want to target your core muscles, isometric moves like the plank are a better option: holding a position under tension for long periods is tougher on the muscles than moving up and down and releasing […]

Food & Nutrition

Study: Insurance Companies Hold Nearly $2 Billion in Fast-Food Stock

Istockphoto  By Sarah Klein THURSDAY, April 15, 2010 ( — The fast-food industry has long been under fire for selling high-fat, high-calorie meals that have been linked to weight gain and diabetes, but the financial health of the industry continues to attract investors—including some of the leading insurance companies in the U.S., a new study […]