Getting Pregnant With PCOS: Belinda McCall Tells All

Are you ever overwhelmed with your PCOS symptoms? >>Today, my guest is Belinda McCall, founder of WomanBeeWell magazine, and she’s about to share with you her story on getting diagnosed with PCOS and trying to conceive.<< Belinda has been helping women find their own version of wellness through her blog, digital magazine, and online programs. And in this episode, she’s going…

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Arm Toning Exercises for Pregnancy

Mama…Are you wanting to keep your arms toned during pregnancy? I’ll be honest, I still incorporate these movements into my workout routine and my youngest is 10! But it’s more than just going through the motions that makes arm toning exercises safe for pregnancy. >>It’s about learning how to connect with your body and your growing baby bump.<< Are you…

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So, You Want to Try Intuitive Eating But If You’re Being Honest You Still Want to Watch Your Weight. What to Do?

Intuitive eating is a hot topic right now. I’m guessing that someone in your circle sent or shared with you the popular New York Times op-ed titled, Smash the Wellness Industry. (If not, READ. IT. NOW.) The author talks about how she was sick of seeing powerful, smart, feminist-identifying women—including herself—fall for pseudoscientific “wellness” claims […]

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45 Funny Tweets About Screen Time From Parents Who Are Honest About It

Parenting in age of iPads and “Fortnite” comes with a special challenge known as screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing “consistent limits” on kids’ consumption of digital media, but exhausted parents have trouble making this work at times. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 45 funny and too-real tweets from parents […]


After Giving Birth to Triplets, This Woman Posted an Amazingly Honest Postpartum Stomach Photo

Postpartum life can be as wild a ride as pregnancy and childbirth, as many new moms can attest—but we don't necessarily always see that. So when Copenhagen-based documentary producer Maria Jorstad, the woman behind the popular @triplets_of_copenhagen Instagram, decided to share what her body looks like in the days and weeks after giving birth to […]

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Anne-Marie's Approach To Body Positivity Is Refreshingly Honest

Chances are that even if you don’t recognize Anne-Marie’s face, you know her voice. Her single “Friends” has over 5 million plays on Spotify. Her single “2002” is a mainstay on the radio. She has lent her voice to tracks with Marshmello and David Guetta and is currently opening for Ed Sheeran on tour.  If […]

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Chrissy Teigen Got Honest About Postpartum Buttholes. Now Can The Rest Of Us?

When I realized I’d be having a baby around the same time as a princess, a supermodel, a Jenner and a Kardashian, I made some threats about quitting social media. Otherwise, I figured, I’d be spending my maternity leave torturing myself, scrolling through pictures of hot celeb moms who are able to do the impossible […]