This Workout Will Make You Sweat Without Hurting Your Joints

Full-body workouts don’t necessarily have to be high impact to be effective. It might seem that way since lots of trainers like to program explosive moves like burpees and jump squats into their workouts to add bursts of cardio. But there are other ways to get your heart rate up that don’t involve landing on […]

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‘Guilt-Free’ Comfort Food Is Loaded With Shame. Here’s How It’s Hurting You.

In the past few years, the term “guilt-free comfort food” has been circulating on the internet and becoming prevalent in the marketing of food. Halo Top and the ilk advertise a guilt-free experience and Fitness magazine, The Daily Meal and Food Network have published roundup articles on guilt-free recipes. Many of these recipes substitute baked […]


Tech Neck: How to Use Your Phone Without Hurting Your Body

When you think of the impressive feats the human body has accomplished—building pyramids, running marathons, all that good stuff—hunching over a cell phone to scroll through Instagram likely isn’t one of them. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with loving your phone. We live in a digital age, after all. But there might be something […]

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Trump’s Travel Ban Is Already Hurting America’s Medical System

Last week, I began my medical residency alongside 30,000 other physicians at hospitals across the country. We represent the next generation of doctors, from surgeons training to save lives in the operating room to family physicians establishing roots in their local communities. But there were also doctors missing ― people who would have come from overseas to […]


7 Silent Signs Stress is Hurting Your Relationship

You feel like you don’t have any time to yourself iStock/franckreporter Sometimes, it’s too easy to get so caught up in your daily routine that you forget to make room for some me-time. If you find that you become overwhelmed too easily and don’t have time to do the things you want, that’s a clear […]