4 Fitness Apps That Use Artificial Intelligence for the Ultimate At-Home Sweat Session

Gymfitty Gymfitty monitors your workouts in real time, but adjusts your routine, movements and form as you go in real-time. Tailoring your workouts to your exact capacity, the app becomes more personalized each time you use it. It uses up-to-date research and data through each stage of your workout to keep track of what you’re […]

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Trump Slights Intelligence Boss For Undermining China COVID-19 Theory

President Donald Trump claimed Thursday to have seen secret evidence linking the origins of COVID-19 to a laboratory in China — and disdainfully dismissed an apparently contradictory statement from his own acting intelligence director. Trump insisted at his press briefing that he had information he could not reveal that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was […]

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NHS to set up national artificial intelligence lab

The NHS in England is setting up a national artificial intelligence laboratory to enhance care of patients and research. The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said AI had “enormous power” to improve care, save lives and ensure doctors had more time to spend with patients. He has announced £250m will be spent on boosting the role […]

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Artificial intelligence used to predict cancer growth

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to predict how cancers will progress and evolve. This could help doctors design the most effective treatment for each patient. A team led by the Institute of Cancer Research London (ICR) and the University of Edinburgh developed a new technique known as Revolver (Repeated Evolution of Cancer). This picks out […]

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Air pollution may harm cognitive intelligence, study says

Chronic exposure to air pollution can cause harm to cognitive performance, a new study reveals. Researchers believe that the negative impact increases with age, and affects men with less education the worst. Over four years, the maths and verbal skills of some 20,000 people in China were monitored by the US-Chinese study. Researchers believe the […]