I’m A Pediatrician. Here’s What I’ve Learned About Why People Don’t Trust Vaccines.

From the measles outbreak in Williamsburg and Rockland County, New York, to a case of whooping cough in the Texas Capitol and Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s public embrace of “pox parties,” vaccine-related news is everywhere. The stories are indeed alarming, with the resurgence of cases of vaccine-preventable illness and bona fide outbreaks, as in Williamsburg and Rockland County, highlighting the […]


35 Lessons I’ve Learned in 35 Years of Marriage

Matthew Cohen for Reader's DigestLike most newlyweds, my husband and I stepped into marriage bright-eyed, optimistic, and flat-out unprepared. But—let’s hear it for young love—we assumed that our marriage would be a rousing success. Marriage turned out to be far more challenging than we had imagined; yet, we just celebrated our 35th anniversary. Despite flaring […]