Can’t sleep without fully emptying my bladder. I always feel like I have to pee even after peeing. The only thing that helps is masturbating for 15 mins before I sleep. Why is this happening?

Does this happen to anyone else? If yes what helps? I don’t like the fact that I’m depended on orgasming to empty my bladder. Sometimes it even burns a little or there is a difficulty in peeing while other times I just pee a few drops. I’m aware this could be a UTI but I […]

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Coronavirus-Afflicted 2020 Looks A Lot Like 1918 Despite Science’s March

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite a century’s progress in science, 2020 is looking a lot like 1918. In the years between two lethal pandemics, one the misnamed Spanish flu, the other COVID-19, the world learned about viruses, cured various diseases, made effective vaccines, developed instant communications and created elaborate public-health networks. Yet here we are again, […]


Does anyone do seed cycling? I recently found out about it and would like to know if anyone recommends or thinks it’s helpful

Hey there! The thing to keep in mind with these sort of claims is the science (or lack thereof) supporting these claims. The primary claim of seed cycling is that it can balance your hormone levels through the actions of phytoestrogens from lignans. Sesame and flax seeds have particularly high concentrations of lignans, packing 834 […]