Infertility and health with Elizabeth King

Infertility and health, including sperm health. It’s no longer just about female health and egg health but if we aren’t addressing the mans health then that could be a big missing health piece for improving fertility. The good news it that men can pretty quickly improve the health of their sperm. Take a listen to my conversation about improving fertility…

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Advanced Maternal Age Risks With Dr. Shannon Clark

Have you ever felt the fear of the unknown with your advanced maternal age? It can be scary: Will there be problems trying to get pregnant? Is there an increased risk in pregnancy loss with advanced maternal age? Will I have pregnancy or delivery complications? Despite how scared you may feel, I’m SO excited for you to step past it…

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My Gift to You: Free Diastasis Recti Guide

Do you have sooooo many questions about diastasis recti that you are Googling the answers for? Let me stop your search right there! Because I want you to always feel supported, I’d love to gift you this Free Diastasis Recti Guide to get you back to living a pain-free life. It’s full of my top tips for healing diastasis recti,…

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4 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself While Living in the World in 2020

Actually, don’t just stand there. Flex your toes and dig around in that shit. If you’re perched atop the grass, dig your toes underneath it and get to know the soil. Step 3. If there’s space, get on your knees or sit on your butt and if there’s even more space than that, starfish on […]


5 Healthy Foods to Consider for a Healthy Living

What are the healthy foods you should be eating?  Eating healthy and staying healthy has become an important part of people’s daily lives. There is more emphasis on what people ought to be eating to improve their immunity, to lower blood sugar levels and to reduce the intake of cholesterol. Studies continue to be done […]


You Can Now Have A Virtual Skincare Consultation In Your Living Room — And It’s Just R50!

The beauty industry is arguably one of the hardest-hit industries during lockdown, salons and hairdressers have finally been given the go-ahead to reopen. We don’t exactly know what going to the hairdresser or skin therapist will look like right now, it will likely involve a lot of planning and hygiene precautions. While you want for […]


A Letter to Anyone Living Through the Pandemic While Dealing With an Eating Disorder

Everything has changed. But even in the midst of massive layoffs and unemployment, a life-threatening pandemic, and so much more, many retain a laser-like focus on our own bodies, trying desperately to retain their shape, stunt their growth. Despite the consequences surrounding us, our own changing bodies seem to be the hardest thing for some […]

Food & Nutrition

60 Tips for Sustainable Living That You Start Practicing

Practicing sustainable living is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our daily choices have a direct impact on Mother Nature and affect everything including the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we eat — all of which contribute to our wellbeing. That’s why as a dietitian, I incorporate tips […]

Top Stories

NHS ‘failing’ patients living with HIV

The failure to address the mental-health needs of people with HIV could lead to an increase in infections, a cross-party group of MPs suggests. People with HIV are twice as likely to experience mental-health difficulties. And in those with depression, support raises adherence to medication by 83%. But most HIV clinics have no mental-health professionals […]


What People Get Wrong About Living With Both Anxiety And Depression

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