Infertility and health with Elizabeth King

Infertility and health, including sperm health. It’s no longer just about female health and egg health but if we aren’t addressing the mans health then that could be a big missing health piece for improving fertility. The good news it that men can pretty quickly improve the health of their sperm. Take a listen to my conversation about improving fertility…

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Advanced Maternal Age Risks With Dr. Shannon Clark

Have you ever felt the fear of the unknown with your advanced maternal age? It can be scary: Will there be problems trying to get pregnant? Is there an increased risk in pregnancy loss with advanced maternal age? Will I have pregnancy or delivery complications? Despite how scared you may feel, I’m SO excited for you to step past it…

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Meal Frequency On Fat Loss

It’s commonly believed that consuming small, frequent meals optimizes fat loss. According to theory, go without eating for more than a few hours and your body shifts into “starvation mode.” Part of the starvation response is to slow down metabolism in an effort to conserve energy. Pretty hard to get lean when your metabolic rate […]


Does age slow weight loss?

Researchers recently studied the effect of age on weight loss efforts. The obesity epidemic currently affects over 300 million people around the world. Even developing nations suffer with as many as 115 million people classified as obese. Obesity is related to many other diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and even […]


Hormones and Weight Loss

Ladies— have you ever felt that your hormones were working against you when you were dieting and trying to lose weight? Well, perhaps you were not entirely incorrect! Oftentimes, low-calorie diets can adversely affect certain hormone levels, especially those hormones that stimulate appetite and cause increased hunger. This is frequently the reason many women wind up gaining weight back […]


Does Fasted Cardio Maximize Fat Loss?

By Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D., CSCS, FNSCA One of the most popular strategies for accelerating fat loss is to perform aerobic exercise after an overnight fast. The strategy, first popularized by Bill Phillips in his best-seller Body for Life, is based on acute research showing that low glycogen levels cause your body to shift substrate utilization […]