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Winners And Losers Under Trump’s Big Plan To Lower Drug Prices

By Jay Hancock Few consumers have heard of the secret, business-to-business payments that the Trump administration wants to ban in an attempt to control drug costs. But the administration’s plan for drug rebates, announced last week, would end the pharmaceutical business as usual, shift billions in revenue and cause far-reaching, unforeseen change, say health policy […]

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The Fight To Lower Soaring Drug Prices Turns Bitter Between States And The Feds

By Michael Ollove Editor’s Note: This is part five of the State of the States 2019 series.  Frustrated by federal inaction, state lawmakers in 41 states have proposed detailed plans to lower soaring prescription drug costs. Some measures would give state Medicaid agencies more negotiating power. Others would disclose the pricing decisions of the drug […]


Tokyo Medical School Allegedly Gave Women Lower Scores To Give More Spots To Men

A prestigious Japanese medical university allegedly doctored female applicants’ entrance exam scores for years because school officials believed that once women get married or have children they are less dependable workers than men.  The Yomiuri Shimbun, one of Japan’s largest daily newspapers, published a groundbreaking report Thursday that accused Tokyo Medical University of deducting points […]