Frida Mom’s Powerful New Ad

Last year, Frida Mom released a powerful ad to show how its postpartum care line could help new moms recover from childbirth. The 60-second spot depicted many of the realities women experience during the postpartum period — soreness, a still-swollen belly, perineal pain — and was ultimately rejected from being aired during the Oscars. Why? It was […]


Good News for Low-Risk Moms

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists just released new guidelines encouraging OB/GYNs and other maternity care providers to limit the use of medical interventions during labor and delivery for low-risk moms. This is likely coming off the heels of recent studies, one which found that extending the amount of time women are allowed to […]


Supporting Military Moms

Being pregnant and becoming a mom is challenging under the best of circumstances, but for military moms, serving far from family, friends, and their network of support, it can be far more difficult. Isolation and loneliness can take a toll on maternal mental health, increasing the risk and severity of pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders. […]

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‘Donald Trump Has Blood On His Hands’: NYC Official Lashes Out After Mom’s Death

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer says President Donald Trump has “blood on his hands” after he lost his mother to the COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Arlene Stringer-Cuevas, a teacher who served on the New York City Council in the 1970s, died Friday at the age of 86. In a CNN interview, Stringer eulogized his “extraordinary” mother […]