ELITE Star Ester Expósito Unveils Her Favourite Breakfast, Workout Routine & Lots More!

Photo Credits: Carlos Villarejo Ester Expósito is best known for her role in the Spanish series Elite, which she has starred in since 2018. She will be in Someone Has To Die from 2020. Since the show’s debut, Ester Expósito has played Carla, one of the most talked-about characters in the series. Women Fitness President joins the stunning beauty […]

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Spending More Time Outside During The Pandemic? Scientists Say Beware Of Ticks.

Millions of Americans are under stay-at-home orders as the coronavirus spreads across the country, prompting some to spend more time than usual outdoors during the extended social isolation. While hiking in the woods can provide a much-needed change of scenery, scientists are urging nature-seekers to take precautions against tick encounters. Nearly 50% of ticks are […]