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Investing In Harm Reduction Must Be Included In The Movement To Defund Police

When police respond to 911 calls about people experiencing homelessness or mental health crises, the results can be lethal. As protests against police brutality continue to grip the nation, cities are beginning to acknowledge that law enforcement isn’t well equipped to handle these cases. Instead, there’s growing momentum not just for defunding police, but for investing […]

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800,000 Physicians Tell Trump Social Distancing Must Continue

More than 800,000 physicians across the country signed a letter urging President Donald Trump to keep social distancing practices in place after he said he wants to reopen businesses by Easter. “Significant COVID-19 transmission continues across the United States, and we need your leadership in supporting science-based recommendations on social distancing that can slow the […]


UN Chief: The State Of Women’s Rights Is Dire. We Must End ‘Default Male Thinking.’

Feb 27 (Reuters) – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called women’s inequality “stupid” and a cause for global shame on Thursday, as he pledged to press governments to end discriminatory laws in the face of a “strong and relentless pushback” against women’s rights. While Guterres did not name and shame, President Donald Trump’s administration has […]