The 10 Itches You Should Never Scratch

Health An itch can drive you absolutely crazy, but there are times when scratching only makes it worse—throwing your body’s inflammatory response into high gear. Dry skin Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock The most common reason for itching occurs when your skin’s protective outer layer, the stratum corneum, gets parched. Ceramides, special lipids that act as a barrier to […]

Food & Nutrition

14 Healthier Ingredient Substitutions You Never Thought to Try

Healthy Eating Nutritionists and food experts reveal their sneaky secrets to cut fat, sugar, and calories out of your favorite recipes using healthier ingredient substitutions—without slashing any flavor. For healthier hamburgers Pachai Leknettip/Shutterstock Substitute: Beans, oats, and veggies for red meat. Why: Use one ounce of ground beef per patty, and replace the rest with […]


10 Things You Should Never Say to a Widow

Relationships It’s easy to blurt out the wrong thing when trying to comfort a mourner. Whatever you do, avoid these awkward, even hurtful phrases. Don’t say: “Everything happens for a reason” Nicole Fornabaio/, iStock/lutavia This phrase won’t help someone who’s lost his or her life partner feel any better. “Among the most annoying of platitudes […]