‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Romance In The Age Of Coronavirus In Soap Opera Spoof

“Saturday Night Live” host Daniel Craig and Kate McKinnon had fun with maintaining “social distance” and spraying antiseptic in a sketch about soap opera love in the coronavirus era. The bit from spoof “Sands of Modesto” begins with a message from producers warning that “the staging of certain scenes has been altered for the actors’ safety” […]

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13 Foods Nutritionists Never Eat Late at Night

Healthy Eating If you can’t get through late-night TV without munching on something, you should definitely avoid these health-wrecking, weight-adding choices. Late-night snacking PavelKant/Shutterstock We all remember a youthful night or two (or ten) fueled by energy drinks, pizza, and cookies. But it wasn’t good for us then, and it’s even worse now. Increasingly, research […]