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My Surgeon Left Me With A Nightmarish Condition And Others Are At Risk Too

In my 20s, I went for a routine sinus procedure to alleviate chronic sinusitis ― to help me breathe. Ironically, I wound up suffocating and feeling hungry for air every minute of every day for the next 20 years. Instead of helping, the procedure caused horrific and ever-worsening complications ― a cycle of insidious misery […]


Where Shoes Are A Luxury, A Nightmarish Disease May Be Lurking

WARA, Ethiopia —The district of Dawro in southern Ethiopia is farming country, its fertile soils brimming with life. On steep hills, farmers eke out a living from corn and teff, yam and banana. When the thin air thickens with mist and rain, the copper-colored ground turns to mud. But this fecund earth, a blessing for […]