Coronavirus updates: Spain opens after seven-week lockdown; protesters demand states ease restrictions

States across the U.S. are reopening after coronavirus-enforced lockdowns while protests erupted in places where stay-at-home rules remain in place. In states like California and Michigan, groups demanded the easing of restrictions. A big week of earnings are in, and tech giants Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Tesla have all reported, providing a first […]

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Marcia Cross Opens Up About Her Experience With Anal Cancer

Marcia Cross recently got candid about her experience with anal cancer in an effort to reduce the stigma associated with the disease.  “I’ve read a lot of cancer-survivor stories, and many people, women especially, were too embarrassed to say what kind of cancer they had,” the “Desperate Housewives” actress told People magazine in an interview published Wednesday. […]


Sam Smith Opens Up About Gender Identity, Body Image In Candid Interview

Sam Smith delved deep into personal issues as the inaugural guest on “I Weigh” movement founder Jameela Jamil’s new Instagram interview series, shedding new insight into his gender identity and struggles with self-image. In the interview, released Friday, Smith said that hearing the stories of other nonconforming individuals helped him to identify as genderqueer and nonbinary. “When […]