6 Ways to Fix Under-Eye Hollows

“Solutions for puffy under-eyes” is one of the highest google searches when it comes to aesthetic eye concerns, but a close second, and something dermatologists and plastic surgeons are asked about frequently, is “under-eye hollows” (you may hear your doctor refer to this area as the tear trough) that can make someone look older or […]


The Best Products to Get Rid of Scars, According to Doctors

Strataderm (starts at $23) “Silicone all the way!” is the rally cry of Fort Lauderdale, FL dermatologist Dr. Matthew J. Elias and he’s particularly a fan of Swiss brand Strataderm (so is New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo, MD, who calls it her “go-to line”) and Stratamed by Stratpharma. Omaha, NE dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, MD also selects Strataderm as his […]


9 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Feeling Nauseous

On the flip side, it’s possible to feel nauseous because you suddenly ate a large amount of food. If you think this is why you’re feeling nauseous, you can try home remedies like over-the-counter stomach-upset medications.5  3. You might need to drink some water. Feeling nauseous might just be your unsettled stomach telling you to […]


Micellar Oils Are Trending: Here’s What to Know

In 2015, micellar waters made their way onto American soil and the new cleansing trend quickly became a favorite for makeup artists and skin-care junkies alike. Fast-forward to 2021, and though micellar waters aren’t going anywhere, there’s a new micellar formula making waves: micellar oil. Here’s what to know from the pros, and two products […]


How Soon Is Too Soon to Have a Facelift?

Dr. Mentz Houston, TX plastic surgeon Henry A. Mentz, MD has been practicing for about 30 years. “In the earlier years of my practice, patients who came in for a facelift primarily looked like they were in need of a facelift. They were usually 65 years or older and showed substantial signs of aging. Most […]