The 9 Best Dry Shampoo Powders to Try

With all the risky ingredients that have been found in spray aerosol dry shampoos lately, it’s no surprise people are seeking alternative options. Due to this, dry shampoo powder has been trending. Not only are the formulas a bit more straightforward, but a powder also allows more precision when applying dry shampoo to dirty stands. […]


What to Know About the ‘Pregnancy Nose’ Photos That Are All Over TikTok

There are plenty of body changes to anticipate during pregnancy—a growing belly chief among them, of course. But…a growing nose? According to some people who have been pregnant, it can be a baffling side effect. And it’s causing lots of chatter on social media, thanks to a slew of people posting before-and-after photos of their “pregnancy […]


What to Know About Moderna’s RSV Vaccine for Adults, According to Experts

Moderna shared exciting news this week: The biotechnology company has an experimental respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine in the works, and its efficacy looks promising so far. According to a press release, Moderna’s RSV vaccine was 83.7% effective in preventing at least two symptoms associated with RSV in older adults (age 60 and up) in a phase-three clinical […]


6 Tips for Making a Birth Plan That Actually Works for You

“Do what works best for you and everyone else will hopefully do their best to support you in that,” Dr. Leonard says. 2. Focus on flexibility. When Standard talks about birth plans with her patients, she refers to them as “preference lists.” “A plan doesn’t leave room for ‘but’—a ‘preference list’ does,” she explains.  Here’s […]

Food & Nutrition

Prep Kitchen Review: Tasty, Balanced Meals For Active People

It’s sometimes easy to forget that for most people eating healthily simply involves balanced meals where you don’t skimp on the vegetables. You don’t have to cut out all flavour and only eat meagre amounts, just get your veg in and eat in line with how active you are. With this in mind, Prep Kitchen’s […]


Ashley Graham Shares Photos of Her Postpartum Hair Loss Journey

Supermodel and mom of three Ashley Graham shared a series of photos of her postpartum hair loss on Instagram this week. In the caption, the 35-year-old joked, “I mean at least it’s growing #postpartumhairloss.” This isn’t the first time Graham has been open about the effects of pregnancy on her body. She’s been vocal about how being […]