What Affects Tearing in Birth?

What Affects Tearing in Birth? I’ve talked about push prep (super in-depth in my KnockedUp Fitness Program) and how to prepare for an easier birth, but today I wanted to talk about what actually affects tearing in birth.  There are 3 things I want to cover that I have found are really critical when it comes to having a positive…

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Our Best Tips to Pick Up Your Child from the Ground

Does your back hurt when you go to pick up your child from the ground? *Like as much as you love them, you cringe thinking about the pain that’s about to happen!* The reality is, picking things off of the ground is inevitable as a mom. But there are ways you can work to minimize any pain so you can…

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3 Tips for Pelvic Floor Activation

Can I make a confession? I have pelvic floor activation all throughout my day! >>Not only is it easy to incorporate, but it’s also one of the best ways to begin healing and strengthening the deep core.<< Now that I have helped over 10,000 women do the same, I have developed some cues to help you. *And no, Beautiful, Kegels are…

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What Peeing Your Pants Is Telling Your Body

Wanna know why peeing your pants should not be considered normal?  *Silly question, I get it.* The answer? There is something you can do to heal it. It’s really common for women to experience incontinence (peeing your pants) after they’ve had a baby, YEARS after they’ve had a baby, or even if they’ve NEVER had a baby. So, let’s talk about…

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This Is The Heartbreaking Reality Of Being A Mom With Chronic Pain

The evening before my 4-year-old daughter, Hannah, and I went to Philadelphia, she carefully chose her favorite stuffed animal, coloring books and bathing suit. I carefully chose the right mixture of medications to ensure I’d get enough pain relief to sleep, but not so much that I’d keep sleeping if she needed me in the […]


Anthony Fauci Hits Younger People With A Stark Coronavirus Reality Check

Dr. Anthony Fauci has a message for younger Americans who think the COVID-19 coronavirus won’t hurt them ― and who are going out anyway amid stay-at-home orders in cities and states around the nation.  “Even though you are young, you are not absolutely invulnerable,” he told “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah on Thursday. “For sure.”   He […]


Reality TV Star Deavan Clegg Shares Graphic Photos of Botched Lip Filler Procedure  

Reality TV Star Deavan Clegg Shares Photos of Botched Lip Fillers – Health Top Navigation Close Explore Health Profile Menu Follow us Close Share options Close View image Reality TV Star Deavan Clegg Shares Graphic Photos of Botched Lip Filler Procedure   this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility […]

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Women in labour given virtual reality to ease pain of childbirth

Media playback is unsupported on your device Women in labour are being given virtual reality headsets to see if they can help manage the pain of childbirth. University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff is carrying out a trial and it could be rolled out across Wales, if successful. Midwife Suzanne Hardacre, said the technology offered […]


My Whole Identity Was Health and Wellness. My Reality Was Disordered Eating.

In the winter of 2003, right after I graduated from college, I was struggling with a series of symptoms that seem increasingly common these days: fatigue, brain fog, digestive troubles, abnormal liver tests, and a period that had been missing for about a year. None of the medical doctors I visited could figure out what […]


Back Labor: Childbirth Myth or Reality?

Does back labor really happen? Answer From Yvonne Butler Tobah, M.D. "Back labor," a term used to describe labor in which the most discomfort is felt in the lower back, does happen. Back labor sometimes occurs when the baby enters the birth canal faceup instead of facedown. However, that isn't always the case. Some women […]


You Can’t Understand The Brutal Reality Of Gun Violence Until You Hear It From Doctors

Christmas Eve, for Dr. Mary Brandt, will forever be associated with saving the life of a little girl who nearly died from a gunshot more than 25 years ago. Teams were in the middle of changing shifts when a 6-year-old came to a Texas county hospital ER with massive gunshot wounds to her shoulder and […]

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Men Aren't The Only Ones Who Go Bald. It's A Reality For Women, Too

It’s a common belief that hair loss is a men’s issue, but while it does occur more frequently in males, it also affects plenty of women. According to the American Hair Loss Association, while 85 percent of men will experience visible hair loss by the age of 50, so will 40 percent of women. It’s normal to […]

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Social media and reality TV is 'bad for body image', survey suggests

More than half of 18 to 34-year-olds feel that reality TV and social media have a negative effect on how they see their bodies, a survey has found. The ComRes survey of 2,000 British adults for BBC 5 Live also suggested that younger people were more likely to consider having cosmetic surgery. Some 35% of […]

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'Virtual reality cured my fear of heights'

Fay Nugent developed a fear of heights in her 30s. “It began after I went on a girls’ weekend away,” she says. “We had gone on an adventure activity called a tree-top walk. “I managed to climb up to do it – but then when it came to stepping out on to the high ropes, […]