Advanced Maternal Age Risks With Dr. Shannon Clark

Have you ever felt the fear of the unknown with your advanced maternal age? It can be scary: Will there be problems trying to get pregnant? Is there an increased risk in pregnancy loss with advanced maternal age? Will I have pregnancy or delivery complications? Despite how scared you may feel, I’m SO excited for you to step past it…

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Arm Toning Exercises for Pregnancy

Mama…Are you wanting to keep your arms toned during pregnancy? I’ll be honest, I still incorporate these movements into my workout routine and my youngest is 10! But it’s more than just going through the motions that makes arm toning exercises safe for pregnancy. >>It’s about learning how to connect with your body and your growing baby bump.<< Are you…

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Dr. Scott Gottlieb: ‘I will not eat indoors in a restaurant’ because the Covid risk is too high

Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Monday he has avoided indoor dining during the coronavirus pandemic over safety concerns. “On a personal level, I’ve gone to many big-box stores properly masked, and I wear a high-quality mask when I go out. I will not eat indoors in a restaurant,” Gottlieb said on “Squawk Box.” “I’ve been eating […]

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Covid: Faith groups’ singing studied for coronavirus risk

Faith communities are being invited to take part in a study of the role singing plays in spreading coronavirus. Participants will be asked to sing at different volumes, and lasers will be used to detect and measure the droplets they produce. Researchers will then look into how many droplets are blocked by different types of […]


Reduced risk of obesity – one of the benefits of eating nuts, study finds

In a large multi-year study, investigators study the benefits of eating nuts in preventing gradual weight gain.   Despite being high in calories, just a half serving of nuts per day (14 gm or ½ oz) is associated with a lower risk of weight gain and obesity, just one of the benefits of eating nuts, […]

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Chemotherapy in cancer patients with Covid-19 ‘not a risk’

Continuing chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment in cancer patients with Covid-19 is not a risk to their survival, a study suggests. It also recommends further research into the drug hydroxychloroquine, which appeared to benefit some patients. The findings, from 890 infected cancer patients in the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany, could help identify who is most […]


Why eating fish can reduce risk of heart disease

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop using these links we earn a commission that helps support the website – at no extra cost to you – allowing us to continue to bring you up to date health and medical news. Researchers recently investigated if eating fish can reduce risk of heart disease, and […]

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Coronavirus: Survivors ‘at risk of PTSD’

People who were seriously ill in hospital with coronavirus need to be urgently screened for post-traumatic stress disorder, leading doctors say. The Covid Trauma Response Working Group, led by University College London and involving experts from across south east England, said those who had been in intensive care were most at risk. The experts said […]

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How To Assess Your Coronavirus Risk Before Doing An Activity

States have started lifting stay-at-home orders imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic ― but with these reopenings have come mixed results. Areas like Alabama, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Florida have all seen significant increases in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, while places like New York and Massachusetts have seen a decline. And while it […]

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Can Your Blood Type Actually Predict Your Coronavirus Risk?

It’s looking increasingly likely that having blood type O might give you some protective effects against COVID-19, while blood type A may be linked to more severe illness from the virus. A new European study involving 1,980 patients with COVID-19 revealed people with blood group A had a higher risk of catching coronavirus and developing […]