Safe Movements in the First Weeks Postpartum

When you’re newly postpartum, you are told by your OB/GYN to hold off on exercise until you hit that 6-week mark. After working with thousands of moms and going through postpartum recovery three times myself, I soon realized that doing nothing in those first weeks postpartum could do more harm than good to your body. Now, I’m not saying to…

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ColourPop x Hocus Pocus Gather Round Sisters Palette Review & Swatches

Gather Round Sisters Colour Pop Gather Round Sisters 15-Pan Shadow Palette ($ 26.00 for 0.60 oz.) is a new, limited edition palette in collaboration with the Hocus Pocus franchise. The palette contains a mix of mattes, sparkle-over-mattes, shimmers, and one pressed glitter, and generally, it performed consistently with more recent ColourPop palette releases (which isn’t […]

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QurAlis raises $42M in Series A round to develop therapies for ALS

Healthcare startups that have raised funding rounds this week include a firm developing a way to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease with a blood sample, a firm that combines technology with modern clinics to create a seamless virtual care to clinic experience, a technology-based drug discovery company in Japan and more.C2N DiagnosticsHeadquarters: St. LouisFunding type: Program-related investmentAmount: […]