Seriously, Do Not Take the TikTok ‘Benadryl Challenge’

Medical experts are warning about a Benadryl challenge circulating on TikTok, in which people take extremely high doses of the drug in an effort to experience the hallucinogenic side effects. But, at that dose, the drug can also cause dangerous side effects in the heart and other parts of the body. Back in May, Cook […]


Here’s Why You Should Seriously Consider Donating Blood — Even During A Pandemic

June is National Blood Donor Month in South Africa, and with less than 1% of the population being active blood donors, it’s important that we’re reminded just how far one donation can really go. Khensani Mahlangu, Communications Specialist at the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), tells us that the winter time can be a […]

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Coronavirus: Delirium ‘may be common’ in Covid seriously ill

Delirium and confusion may be common among some seriously-ill hospital patients with Covid-19, a study in The Lancet suggests. Long stays in intensive care and being ventilated are thought to increase the risk, the researchers say. Doctors should look out for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after recovery. Most patients, particularly those with […]


Coronavirus Is Seriously Triggering My OCD

OCD thrives on doubt and uncertainty. For many of us, compulsive behaviors arise as our brains’ way of trying to make sure the fears we obsess over don’t come to pass. I was able to get my OCD under control post-loss through talk therapy and journaling. I realized that learning to manage my OCD would […]


Here’s How to Talk About Social Distancing So Your Loved Ones Take It Seriously

Hi! This is an overwhelming, confusing, scary time. That said, I feel like we really have to talk about social distancing. I don’t know about you, but I find it really tough under the best and most non-pandemic-y of circumstances to make sense of the firehose of information that comes at us day in and […]


10 Best Triceps Exercises That Will Seriously Work the Back of Your Arms

If you are looking to refresh your upper-body routine, adding in a few of the best triceps exercises out there are a good way to do so. Not only will these moves make your same-old workout more interesting, but they will also help you get stronger both in and out of the gym. Your triceps—the […]