Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re pregnant, the coronavirus outbreak likely has you questioning your baby shower. Now that the pandemic has required everyone to practice “social distancing,” and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests canceling events of more than 10 people, you may be scrambling to figure out what you should do instead. But that doesn’t […]


Are Shower Shoes Necessary in the Gym Locker Room?

A lot of planning goes into a perfect gym bag unzip moment—you know, when you get into the locker room, open your bag, and discover that you actually packed everything you need to work out. Honestly, you deserve a medal for those days, because you’ve probably managed to grab a padlock, your water bottle, a […]


Why You Probably Shouldn’t Wash Your Face in the Shower

It might not be worth saving you a few extra minutes. Maridav/Shutterstock Everyone has their perfect shower routine and favorite products. Some people like starting with hair washing and others prefer sudsing up the whole body first. For most people, part of the process is washing your face—but it might not be the best thing […]


Is It Sanitary to Pee in the Shower or Should You Stop Immediately?

Peeing in the shower is one of those things a lot of people have done at some point but may be reluctant to admit. It makes such perfect sense on a practical level, though! You’re naked, and there’s a drain right there. Plus, the whole running water situation doesn’t exactly make it easy to hold […]