Ben Shapiro Suggests Older People Dying Of COVID-19 Is ‘Tragic,’ But Also Not So Bad

Conservative commentator and abortion opponent Ben Shapiro once said he wouldn’t even consider aborting Baby Hitler if he had the chance. But based on an interview Shapiro had on Tuesday with political commentator Dave Rubin, maybe your grandma’s life isn’t that worthy of saving. Shapiro noted that one of the effects of lifting stay-at-home orders in different states is […]


Leaked Video Suggests Delta Hid Sick Pilots’ Diagnoses From Exposed Flight Crews

A Delta Air Lines executive directed pilots who test positive for the coronavirus withhold the diagnosis from flight attendants and other colleagues, according to video of an internal discussion among leaders of the pilots’ union.  In the nine-minute video, which appears to have been recorded in secret and posted Thursday to YouTube, a union representative […]

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People Who Attend Worship Services Regularly Are Happier Than Others, Study Suggests

People who are active members of a religious community are more likely than those who don’t have those strong religious ties to describe themselves as “very happy,” a new Pew Research Center study has found. After analyzing data from over 20 countries, Pew researchers concluded that people who regularly participate in religious congregations tend to […]