Grocery Clerk’s Family Hopes Her Death Ups Protections For Supermarket Staff

The family of a grocery store employee who died of COVID-19 hopes her death will prompt supermarkets and other companies to provide better protection for essential staff during the coronavirus pandemic. Leilani Jordan, 27, of Largo, Maryland died on April 1. She had been employed by a Giant Food supermarket for six years.  Jordan’s mother, Zenobia Shepherd, has […]

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Is It Food-Safe to Skip the Plastic Produce Bags at the Supermarket?

Jub-Job/Shutterstock Going plastic-free might be environmentally friendly, but grocery stores have a dirty secret. Luckily, the solution is sustainable—and sanitary. If you’ve grocery shopped lately, you know many stores are shifting away from plastic to be more environmentally conscious. Some stores are charging a few cents for each bag used, or eliminating them entirely. After […]