A Comprehensive Guide to Top Surgery

If you have a private insurance plan, such as through an employer or, your plan documents should include in-network providers who can perform the surgery, and one may offer partial coverage for an out-of-network provider. If you go this route, you might be billed directly and will then need to seek reimbursement through your […]


Infertility and health with Elizabeth King

Infertility and health, including sperm health. It’s no longer just about female health and egg health but if we aren’t addressing the mans health then that could be a big missing health piece for improving fertility. The good news it that men can pretty quickly improve the health of their sperm. Take a listen to my conversation about improving fertility…

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Amy Schumer Says Her Doctor Found ‘30 Spots of Endometriosis’ During Her Hysterectomy

Amy Schumer just had major surgery for endometriosis, a condition in which tissue that normally lines the uterus (or tissue that’s similar to it) grows on nearby organs. In a post-op Instagram update from the hospital this weekend, the actor told followers that she is on the mend after having a large amount of endometrial […]


3 Tips for Testing for Diastasis Recti

I was recently answering questions in my Instagram DMs when Jennifer asked: “What should I be looking for when testing for diastasis recti?” This was a question I had heard before…There are always postpartum women asking me similar questions: How can I test diastasis recti at home? And If I have diastasis recti, do I need to have surgery? >>Here’s my…

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How to Prepare Your Body for a C-Section

Are you wondering if there’s anything you can do to prepare your body for a C-section? I understand the C-section overwhelm is REAL but I want you to know that there is so much that you can do with movement, breathwork, and mindset before you go into surgery. Not only will the tools that I’m going to teach you today…

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Does bariatric surgery increase life expectancy?

A recent research study examines the link between bariatric surgery and life expectancy.  Obesity is known to shorten life expectancy and can lead to diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, and certain cancers. Not only can these conditions reduce the quality of life, but there is an increased risk of premature death. Bariatric surgery is […]


A Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Explains What to Know About Facial Feminization Surgery

A Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Explains What to Know About Facial Feminization Surgery – NewBeauty Skip to content Facial feminization surgery, also referred to as FFS, is an increasingly popular combination of procedures that involve softening masculinized facial features into a shape more typically recognized as feminine. FFS is sought after by patients of any and all […]

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Miley Cyrus Says She’s Been Sober For 6 Months After Vocal Cord Surgery

Miley Cyrus has spent the first half of 2020 embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle.  The 27-year-old actor and singer tells Variety that she quit drinking to undergo vocal cord surgery last fall. She decided to stay sober after recovering from the procedure, too.  “I’ve been sober sober for the past six months,” she said. “At the beginning, it was […]

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Coronavirus: Cancer surgery delays risk ‘thousands’ of deaths

The NHS must ensure cancer-surgery delays do not cost more lives than the number of Covid-19 patients saved, the Institute of Cancer Research says. In some cancers, a three-month delay could make the difference between a tumour being curable or not, Prof Clare Turnbull said. And her modelling suggested delaying surgery risked thousands of additional […]

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Routine surgery in Wales cancelled due to coronavirus

Planned surgery is to be cancelled in Wales as the NHS gears up to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Cutting back on so-called “elective” operations – those waiting for non-urgent treatment – had been put forward as one of the likely options as the pandemic escalates and more patients with the virus need treating. Non-urgent outpatient […]

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Harvey Weinstein Has Heart Surgery, Will Be Transferred To Rikers Island

Harvey Weinstein underwent heart surgery at a New York hospital on Wednesday and will be transferred to the city’s Rikers Island holding facility, multiple outlets reported Thursday. The former Hollywood mogul will not mix with the general population; instead, he will be housed in a medical wing in the facility that also offers extra protection […]

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Young onset Parkinson’s disease surgery gives Luton man ‘lifeline’

A former teacher who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease aged just 31 has hailed life-changing brain surgery that has allowed him to “live life again”. Ryan Cameron initially noticed a “resting tremor” in his arm and over time the neurological condition left him struggling to speak and control his movements. Medication failed to help, so […]

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Calls for ‘virginity repair’ surgery to be banned

Campaigners are urging the government to outlaw “virginity repair” surgery. Many Muslim women risk being outcast, or in extreme cases killed, if their spouses or families discover they have had sex before marriage. And some are opting for a medical procedure in which doctors restore a layer of membrane at the entrance to the vagina. […]


I Thought Traveling To Colombia For Plastic Surgery Would Make Me Happy. Here’s What Happened Instead.

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My doctor flew off when cosmetic surgery went wrong

Cosmetic surgery is a booming industry in the UK, with 65,000 operations carried out last year. But BBC Disclosure has discovered some companies use surgeons from abroad who fly in and out of the country, leaving patients exposed if complications arise. ‘My nose had to be reconstructed from my ribs’ Catherine Roan went for an […]