Coronavirus symptoms this Doctor says you shouldn’t be ignoring – plus 6 ways to optimise your immune system

Healthista Collective Expert Doctor Gemma Newman reveals possible coronavirus symptoms you shouldn’t be ignoring plus 6 ways you can optimise your immune system Join Dr Gemma Newman this weekend for the immersive Come Alive Summit, 15th – 16th August 2020 The Come Alive Summit is about helping people feel good again through this difficult year; […]


Asthma and Coronavirus: Does Asthma Increase Your Risk for Severe COVID-19 Symptoms?

In a study published in Allergy recently, researchers looked at 140 patients infected with the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China. They identified several underlying illnesses in many of the patients, including eosinopenia and lymphopenia (types of low white blood cell count). But asthma wasn’t one of those conditions, suggesting that having asthma doesn’t make it […]


Seasonal Allergy VS COVID-19 Symptoms

While some symptoms of the coronavirus overlap with that of an allergy, there are several differences. The Biggest Differences Between Allergy Symptoms (Hay Fever) and Coronavirus? One of the biggest differentiation is fever. Though some people refer to spring allergies as “hay fever”, people with spring allergies do not typically have fevers or achiness. In […]


Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms

Across the world, many people have type 2 diabetes without even realising it. Unlike other illnesses that make you fell unwell Diabetes Type 2 symptoms do not necessarily make you feel unwell. Some of the more common symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes include: peeing more than usual, particularly at night feeling thirsty all the time […]