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Coronavirus: Blood clots targeted in treatment trial

Scientists are to test whether an experimental drug can prevent potentially deadly blood clots associated with Covid-19. The trial, funded by the British Heart Foundation, will test the theory the clots are caused by a hormone imbalance triggered by coronavirus infection. It will become one of several drugs currently being trialled to prevent the disease’s […]


Hackers targeted Britain’s virus furlough scheme just hours after it went live

Within minutes of the U.K. government’s furlough scheme going live, it was targeted by opportunistic hackers impersonating the country’s tax collection agency.  Hundreds of phishing emails landed in people’s inboxes inviting them to click on a link that takes them to what looks like an HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) furlough claim website.  The website […]

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FDA Approves First Drug Targeted At Treating Postpartum Depression

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug meant to specifically treat postpartum depression in mothers, a first for the agency. The FDA announced in a news release Tuesday that it approved an intravenous infusion of brexanolone, a drug labeled as Zulresso. Patients would receive a continuous IV drip over 60 hours. The […]

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The U.S. Targeted Breastfeeding Abroad. Here At Home, It’s Another Story.

By Rebecca Beitsch The Trump administration this spring tried to remove pro-breastfeeding language from a World Health Organization resolution. But here at home, breastfeeding has steadily become more accepted and accessible — culminating this year in the 49th and 50th states enacting laws to allow it in public. The World Health Organization resolution stated that […]