Might I Suggest Faking a Holiday Nap?

There’s nothing like visiting your parents to help you assess the origins of your personality traits. From my mother, I received endless energy, obstinance, and curiosity—though I tragically did not receive superb hand-eye coordination. From my father, I received resourcefulness, endurance, and a love of dancing—and, also tragically, I did not receive his ability to […]

Food & Nutrition

Blue Apron Thanksgiving Meal Kit Review 2022: It Made My Holiday Dinner Stress-Free

If you are a Blue Apron subscriber, the company has a lot of options to add to your existing bundle. From the entire Thanksgiving feast to just a few side dishes, it was nice to see that the options were very extensive. Affordability I’ve never cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner before by myself, so I […]


Now’s the Time to Get Older Family Members Vaccinated If You’re Seeing Them for Thanksgiving

As the holiday season ramps up, it can be tempting to skip a few items on your to-do list. After all, gathering with loved ones takes a lot of work and preparation: confirming everyone’s on the same page about where and when to meet, planning who will bring what dishes, and making sure you have […]