U.S. Shipped Tons Of COVID-19 Supplies To China As Trump Dismissed Threat Here

The U.S. State Department shipped 17.8 million tons of donated coronavirus medical supplies to China seven weeks ago, when health experts and some American lawmakers were already seeking federal action to prepare the country for the disease. The massive shipment to China included medical masks, gowns and respirators, now in desperately short supply across America. The […]

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Migrants Don't Pose A Threat To Public Health. That's Just Racism, Report Says

The world’s immigrant population doesn’t pose any notable risk to public health and, in fact, contributes to many of the health services in countries they migrate to, despite dire claims by right-leaning politicians and a rise in xenophobia, according to a study released Wednesday. The report, the result of a two-year commission by University College […]


Loneliness Could Become an Even Bigger Public Health Threat Than Obesity

Everybody experiences loneliness from time to time. But a new study suggests that in recent years, people have felt increasingly lonely and isolated—and the physical and psychological ramifications of all this solo time could prove to be a bigger health threat than the obesity epidemic. The idea that having fewer social connections can lead to poorer health is […]