How Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treated?

GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder, is characterized by exaggerated and excessive anxiety about daily life events without any obvious reasons to worry. Individuals with GAD tend to constantly expect disaster to strike and can’t stop worrying about work, school, family, money, and health. Oftentimes, such worries of people with GAD are unrealistic for the current […]


Joey King Called Out a Plane Passenger Who Thought She Had Cancer—and Treated Her Badly Because of It

In today’s “news that makes us angry,” actress Joey King posted about a fellow plane passenger who thought she had cancer—and treated her poorly because of it. The 19-year-old actress (who is currently sporting a shaved head for a role) took to Twitter on Sunday, November 18th to share the series of events. King wrote, “Y’all I’m […]