Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re pregnant, the coronavirus outbreak likely has you questioning your baby shower. Now that the pandemic has required everyone to practice “social distancing,” and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests canceling events of more than 10 people, you may be scrambling to figure out what you should do instead. But that doesn’t […]


The Virtual Training Experience

I have enjoyed training in gyms as a profession for 27 years. This year, all New York gyms were forced to close by order of the State of New York. While it was damaging to the fitness industry all over the country, New York’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic was particularly devastating to businesses, especially […]

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Science 37 teams up with medication adherence company to bolster virtual clinical trials

With the Covid-19 pandemic putting most clinical trials on hold, pharmaceutical companies are looking for creative solutions to keep studies running. One of the problems they face: How do you track if a treatment is working from afar? Science 37, a company that facilitates virtual clinical trials using telehealth tools, teamed up with medication adherence […]