What It’s Like Watching a Parent Struggle With Dementia, According to One Actress Who’s Lived It

When Jane Krakowski‘s beloved father was diagnosed with dementia more than a decade ago, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress and her family rallied behind him as he became wheelchair-bound and slipped further away while also staying strong for one another. Now, two years after his death, Krakowski is spreading the word about the prevalence of dementia and how it affects not just […]


What Mental Health Experts Want You to Know Before Watching the Buzzy New YouTube Series ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’

Have your social media feeds been filled with news and commentary on The Mind of Jake Paul? Yeah, same here. The new eight-part docu-series hosted by YouTuber Shane Dawson has become super popular—and controversial. The show seeks to uncover why another YouTube megastar, Jake Paul, is the way he is. But in the web series, […]