Things You Won’t Hear From Your OB-GYN

I get it. You want all of your pregnancy questions answered so you can do what’s best for your baby during pregnancy. Quite honestly, it may leave you feeling stuck or a bit overwhelmed. *Believe me, I’ve been there three times over.”  >>But I want to remind you of one thing: only you know what’s best for your baby.<< Whether…

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5 Tips for Staying Active During Pregnancy

Can I make a confession? I love inspiring women to stay active during pregnancy! >>Not only does staying active help you create a healthy lifestyle, but it also prepares you for birth and recovery postpartum.<< Now that I have been working with prenatal women for almost 20 years, I have a few tips that will set your movement practice up for…

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Arm Toning Exercises for Pregnancy

Mama…Are you wanting to keep your arms toned during pregnancy? I’ll be honest, I still incorporate these movements into my workout routine and my youngest is 10! But it’s more than just going through the motions that makes arm toning exercises safe for pregnancy. >>It’s about learning how to connect with your body and your growing baby bump.<< Are you…

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How to talk to kids about weight

An analysis of the current guidelines on how to talk to kids about weight. Currently, 18.4% of children are overweight, and the numbers are only increasing. Obesity in children leads to obesity in adults and complications associated with it: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. With the childhood obesity epidemic and the resulting health concerns, […]


Does age slow weight loss?

Researchers recently studied the effect of age on weight loss efforts. The obesity epidemic currently affects over 300 million people around the world. Even developing nations suffer with as many as 115 million people classified as obese. Obesity is related to many other diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and even […]


How To Pick The Right Weight

“Selecting the right weight is something many people struggle with but it is so important, because choosing the wrong weight can seriously compromise your results when you’re training primarily for increased muscle mass,” says Nick Mitchell, founder of the global personal training gym business Ultimate Performance. “Most sensible muscle-building training programmes use a combination of […]


Hormones and Weight Loss

Ladies— have you ever felt that your hormones were working against you when you were dieting and trying to lose weight? Well, perhaps you were not entirely incorrect! Oftentimes, low-calorie diets can adversely affect certain hormone levels, especially those hormones that stimulate appetite and cause increased hunger. This is frequently the reason many women wind up gaining weight back […]